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Learning to Lead

The rules have changed.

A Batten School education focuses on how leadership works, why context matters in decision making and what action leads to tangible results. We don’t favor any one career path. As a Batten School graduate you’ll be equipped to work wherever your strengths lead. You’ll be ready to unleash your abilities to analyze, advocate, persuade and mobilize from day one. Batten graduates lead impressive careers in domestic and international arenas, in nonprofit organizations and business and at every level of government.

Our focus on leadership can be traced back to our University’s founding. The University of Virginia is the vibrant standard-bearer of Thomas Jefferson’s still-revolutionary ideas on civic leadership and “useful knowledge.” The Batten School is the latest embodiment of the Jeffersonian vision. 

The Batten School is committed to teaching leadership. While some people may be "born leaders," everyone can become a more effective leader through the development of key skills. These include strategic thinking, communication, persuasion, motivation, advocacy, consensus building, conflict resolution, building effective teams in an increasingly diverse world, negotiation and crisis management. The Batten School’s core curriculum includes two required courses on leadership.  

Students find ample opportunity for leadership development outside the classroom as well. Whether through orientation, a weekend-long Appalachian leadership retreat or a lunchtime workshop on strategic planning, the complementary offerings at the Batten School seamlessly integrate leadership expectations and skills into the heart of our programming.