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Support Batten

A Legacy of Leading, a Commitment to Giving

Your gifts will provide the School with the resources to take advantage of new opportunities, respond to challenges and invest strategically in its future. Each donation:

•    Guarantees the Batten experience is available to all qualified students through critically needed financial aid.
•    Promotes a wide range of co-curricular experiential learning opportunities domestically and internationally, intended to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude of our future leaders.
•    Provides paid internship opportunities and capstone projects for Batten students.
•    Fosters greater interaction – through speakers, conferences, and other activities – between students and faculty at the Batten School and policymakers and leaders in the policy arena.

Gifts to the School come in all amounts, and together they have tremendous impact—from seed money for student and faculty research, to scholarships and internships for students, to support for developing new courses. Your gifts to the Batten School Annual Fund touch everyone in the School everyday.

Your Gifts in Action

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Student experience

Provide scholarship support and internship opportunities
Study.jpgBatten School students focus on how leadership works and what actions lead to tangible results. They engage in rapid turn-around projects, field experiences and simulations created by the policy experts who lead the faculty. To guarantee the Batten experience is available to all qualified students, the School is seeking critically needed funding for financial aid. To ensure the most inquisitive and diverse student body, we seek an endowed capacity to support future leaders. For admitted students, Batten is seeking resources for paid internship opportunities and for capstone projects – professional-quality studies conducted under faculty supervision by second-year students for real-world clients. To support students working with NGOs and nonprofits serving underprivileged communities, a gift to the Stephanie Jean-Charles fund, named after a Class of 2010 student who perished in the Haitian earthquake, will promote leadership in global public service organizations.


Recruit world-class professors and create endowed professorships
Mahoney.jpgBatten faculty are committed to teaching rigorous analytical skills, understanding of political, social and economic context, and application of leadership best practices to initiate change. Our faculty study key policy issues such as education, health care, crime control, environment, refugee displacement, racial discrimination, as well as advocacy and the science of judgment, negotiation and leadership. Faculty research contributes to both the academy and ongoing policy debates. To attract cutting edge scholars, we require the means to compete as a public institution with limited state support. Our ability to grow our capacity to address on crucial issues requires additional resources in a highly competitive market


Support faculty research
STTEaching.jpgWe seek to establish a The Center for the Study of Psychology and Leadership. The Center’s threefold mission is to advance the empirically rigorous, scientific study of leadership behavior, to support teaching at the Batten School through new leadership courses and pedagogical innovations, and to offer public programs to disseminate research findings and lessons about leadership best practices to citizens and officials throughout the Commonwealth and the nation. The Center will play a key role in making the Batten School a center of excellence in leadership, an institution of impact, visibility and distinction.

Global programs

Connect the Batten School to the world--bringing policy from our backyard to the international forefront
monica_ecuador.jpgIn the age of globalization, leadership is highly contextual. There are no hard and fast rules about how leadership translates from setting to setting or even from where it emanates. The Batten School trains students to be agents of change in a world where conventional playbooks don’t apply and uncertainty is a given. Students learn to think on their feet, look beyond boundaries, and uncover new opportunities. At Batten, they gain an advantage, and unique perspective, in understanding how psychology, economics, and other disciplines play a role in decision-making. Help train agents of change with depth of understanding and leadership resilience. Batten seeks funding for continued development of its global curriculum and for scholarship support for students interning or conducting research projects abroad. Funding is also desired to formalize a set of study abroad opportunities—both for undergraduates (year-round) and for Master of Public Policy students (during summer and January term).