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Research | National Commentaries

A View from the United States

September 03, 2019
Research | The US Army War College Quarterly Parameters

Innovation Tradecraft: Sustaining Technological Advantage in the Future Army

Adam Jay Harrison
Bharat Rao
Winter 2018-19
Susan E. Rivers
September 26, 2018
Research | 2018 Proceedings of PICMET '18: Technology Management for Interconnected World

Revitalizing the Yamuna River: Social Entrepreneurship Approaches

Bharat Rao
August 2018
Research | Journal of Politics

Party Calls and Reelection in the US Senate

Ethan Hershberger
William Minozzi
June 20, 2018
Robert Patterson
John Whitworth
May 8, 2018
Dajun Lin
Randall Lutter
April 2018
Armando Franco
Dana Goldman
Daniel McFadden
March 5, 2018