Published Research

John Bound
The end of World War II brought a flood of returning veterans to America's colleges and universities.
Oct. 1, 2002
Research | NBER Working Papers 9229, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc

Napsterizing Pharmaceuticals: Access, Innovation, and Welfare

James W. Hughes
Michael J. Moore
Edward A. Snyder
We analyze the effects on consumers of an extreme policy experiment -- Napsterizing' pharmaceuticals -- whereby all patent rights on branded prescription drugs are eliminated for both existing and future prescription drugs without compensation to the patent holders.
Research | Social Psychological and Personality Science

A devil on each shoulder: When deliberation impairs self-control

Loran F. Nordgren
This article examines how cognitive capacity influences self-control.
Mar 2013
Research | Journal of Health Economics

Understanding Overeating and Obesity

The combination of economic and biological factors is likely to result in overeating, in the current environment of cheap and readily available food.
December 2012